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It seems crazy, but to your pocket book it may already be reality.  People complain about the price at the pump but they think their home utility bills are outside their circle of influence.  They aren't.

The average American drives 33 miles per day.  If the price of gas today increased to $5.39/gal the average American would spend about an additional $100/month.  Would gas at this price change the amount you drive?  Would it make you think about getting another type of vehicle?  If you're in an inefficient home you are already losing this money, quietly.  Sadly, there are inefficient brand new homes being built in Omaha every day.

Gas mileage is a factor in your car buying decision, make sure it is a part of your new home buying decision.

We'd be happy to discuss energy efficiency with you at our new model in Elk Ridge, our Street of Dreams home in the South Hamptons, or our new model opening at the end of the month in Remington Ridge.

Happy energy efficient house hunting,


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What is more important than taking care of the people that have put their faith in you, your company, and your product?  Nothing.  Here's a text I recieved yesterday from one awesome home buyer of ours:

"I just wanted to say thank you for taking care of the fence.  Mike did a great job as always!  I really appreciate you looking at the other things in the house as well.  It is so nice to have faith in the company that you buy your house from.  Thanks Again, Charity"

In your new home search make sure warranty reputation is something you consider in your desicion making process.  

Happy House Hunting,



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I know how we stay organized - we use BuilderTrend software.  Each homebuyer The Home Company is building for is invited to be a part of our cloud network on BuilderTrend.  Each buyer has a personalized site dedicated for their home.  BuilderTrend

Want to select an upgrade from your phone?  Want to see a picture of what that upgrade will look like?  

Want to view your blueprint at the family Memorial Day party from your iPad?  

Want to show a coworker a picture of what we completed last week on your home?  

Do you want to know when your cabinets will be installed?

You can do all of this within your BuilderTrend home screen.  You do not want an unorganized builder. 

(Does thinking of having to use a cloud-based homepage make your toes curl?  It's not required.  Our sales team can communicate with you in whichever way you feel the most comfortable.)

Have a happy and safe weekend,



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EnviroDri Model Home

That was one heck of a storm last night!  As rain and wind was pounding our house last night I began thinking about the building practices of homes in our town.  As building products evolve what we see in the market evolves, but at a much slower rate.  This picture does a good job of showing several products used to protect your new home from storms like we had last night.

The furthest house is built with a foam board product and with weatherproofing paper stapled over top.  These overlapping layers of weatherproofing paper require tape to weatherproof the house.  

The middle house is built with a "Zip System" exterior.  This product has the waterproofing paper laminated onto the OSB sheathing.  This is another product that relies on tape to be the chief method of ensuring water, wind, bugs, etc. do not enter the walls of your home.

The closest house was built with 2x6 exterior walls and was 100% sealed with EnviroDri.  EnviroDri is a liquid applied waterproofing that prevents rain, wind and bugs from penetrating the walls.  No tape is necessary, it's a 100% continuous and seamless application.  The liquid dries but remains flexible to accommodate expansion and contraction.  

All of these homes will get thousands of holes pounded into them when the siding is applied.  EnviroDri is the only product seen here that will stay pliable and act as a sealer around each and every nail that is pounded into the wall.

EnviroDri is just one included feature in every custom home started by The Home Company.  Please consider best building practices when shopping for your next custom home, because we all know the storms will keep coming!

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People rarely ask me about the energy efficiency of our homes.  Why is this?  People never buy a car without comparing it's gas mileage to the competition. Why would you make the largest investment of your life without doing the same?

The HERS Index is the nationally recognized way to give a home a "gas mileage", or rate it's utility usage.  Many builders in Omaha, and across the country build homes that are just "built to code".  This is the absolute least a builder can provide in a home that is allowed by law.  Think about that.  

A home built to minimum code would receive a HERS score of 100.  Every home The Home Company has ever built has been third party tested and given an individual HERS score.  These scores typically rate between 48 and 60.  This means the anticipated energy usage for the home is 48% to 60% of the usage of the competitors new home that was just built to code.  These houses could be right next door to each other.

Many existing homes in Omaha can test at 200 or higher.

Saving $100/month on utilities is the cost of two plane tickets to anywhere in the United States every year that you live in your home!

I would like to see more people consider this while house hunting.  If you are in a model and the builder or agent can't tell you the HERS score, keep looking.  They are more than likely pocketing more and offering you a lesser product.

If you're a geek like me and would like to know more about the HERS Index, CLICK HERE.

Happy house hunting!



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Too Stressed to Buy a New Home?  Maybe you're existing home is adding stress to your life?  You may be amazed what more living area, a larger walk in pantry, or an organized drop zone area might do for you and your family.KeepCalmMug

Often people are intimidated by all of the decisions that come along with building a new home.  We work along side wonderful, passionate people who make sure you are enjoying the process and do not become overwhelmed.  They will help you stay on task & have fun building the home you've always wanted.

See one of our sales associates at our Palisades model.  It's located at 17213 Sage St.

Have a happy and safe weekend!

Nick & Dave



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You are now experiencing the new

We're excited to be able to introduce you to our new website! We wanted this to be a place reflective of the innovative, creative, and authentic as the homes we build. 

Awesome Upgrades:

  • BuilderTrend Integration: Easily connect to BuilderTrend, the home building software that allows you to manage the construction of your home from start to finish.
  • Floor Plans: View our beautiful, artistic floor plans to start getting inspired about creating the home that will change the way you live.
  • Find What's New: Follow our blog for new floor plans, Home Company news and updates, and industry trends and best practices.
  • Check Out What's For Sale: Watch our floor plans transform into awesome homes for awesome people.
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Here's just one example of the care that goes into each and every blueprint. 

What personal touches would help you feel at home? 


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