To rent or not to rent? We know, despite all your research, hours on Zillow scouring for your dream home, and knowledge of all the best neighborhoods in Omaha, that's the question on your mind. Being in the business of turning renters to buyers, there’s one thing Co-Founder Dave Vogtman thinks might come as a surprise when you finally move into your first home. It’s a shock most buyers will probably welcome, but certainly not expect- often times, their monthly payment as homeowners is nearly equivalent to what they paid as renters. You’re probably asking “How can that possibly be?” Well, skyrocketing rent prices paired with rapidly dropping interest rates are the cause. In 2010, CNN Money called Omaha a “rental town,” but it looks like, 7 years later, that is not quite the case. Now, you can sleep a little more soundly in your brand-new home.