What makes us the best of Omaha?

"The Home Company is the Best of Omaha, because of our systems, our inventory, and also our people."
"All the people that we have working at The Home Company are working toward the same common goal, and that is providing the best home for our homeowners that we can." 
"We really pride ourselves on putting the customer first. We take all the steps necessary to meet with you up front, make sure you're comfortable with our prices, with our selections."
"Our communication sets us apart from other builders. We meet as a whole team and discuss any questions or concerns from our buyers from that week, and then they get a call back."
"Through our systems and our software such as BuilderTrend, they can track the building process, they can see the price of their home throughout the entire build, and they can also make their selections right there on the system."
"We offer a ton of standard features that other builders would upgrade you for down the road."
"In working with Boyer Young Development, we have multiple homesites all over multiple areas all the way from Bennington to Bellevue and everywhere in between. That really allows our homebuyers to select the homesite of their dreams."
"Our subcontractors and superintendents are the highest-quality in our industry today."
"We do have a custom design studio, as well. We pay for an interior designer to meet with you to select all your finishes."
"We're always available for questions or concerns."
"We show up every day and do the best that we can. If something's not working, we get together, we brainstorm, and we figure out processes that will work better next time."
"We understand that a home buyer is making the biggest purchase decision of their life."
"People have discussed how we can make their homebuilding process less stressful, and that feels good."
"We really take all the pressure out of building a home, and really do it all up-front for you, so you don't have to worry about anything while we're building. You can just sit back and really relax and enjoy the whole process."
"It takes that stress away from home building."

That's what.