We want to build lasting relationships with our home buyers. From finding the perfect lot to long after the move-in date, we strive for open and complete communication, full support, and absolute professionalism. We love building awesome homes for awesome people, and hope that is plain to see throughout the building process and beyond. If you had an amazing experience with us, we would love to know. If your experience was less-than-amazing, we would love to know why and how we can improve. The best compliments you can give and our favorite feedback to receive are referrals and reviews. Tell your friends about us, let us know how we did, or both.

If you would like to give a testimonial or write a review, you have a few options! Here are a few ways to give us the feedback we appreciate and enjoy:

1. Give us a referral. Recommending us to people you care about is a signal to us that we're doing something right. 

2. Write us a review on our Facebook page or Yelp. Let everyone know how we're doing.

3. Send us your testimonial, favorite memory from the building process, or a few words on how you felt during the process. 

4. Send us a message on Facebook. We're always here to listen!

5. Vote for us for Best of Omaha. Your support means more to us than you know!


If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us on social media, via email, or at (402) 884-4854!