What's your favorite home from a movie? 

Most people would say "Wow, I don't know," and who could blame them? But it is no surprise that founders of a home building company would have an answer ready. Dave Vogtman's choice was the stunning colonial from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. 


It is not his favorite, as one would guess, due to its beautiful architecture or spacious floor plan, but rather because Dave loves "what [Clark Griswold] does to his house and everything that happens within it." The house itself is not what makes it his favorite; it is the home within. 

Nick Dolphens chose a home from a movie he hasn't even seen. It's THAT impressive. 


This cute 1940s bungalow court has been used in multiple movies, but most notably Swing Shift (starring Goldie Hawn). It reminds Nick of the Tiny Homes trending in the market today, and really appreciates that they seem to be "very well-designed, affordable homes." 


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